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Timely psychosocial interventions are known to improve the lives of patients diagnosed with cancer, but the more traditional face-to-face ones are often impractical due to patients' and health care system's barriers such as limited financial and staff resources, patients' symptoms such as treatment-related fatigue, pain, and scheduling conflicts. Our research team focuses on the development and testing of innovative web-based approaches that can overcome these barriers and readily provide support to patients throughout the cancer trajectory. We are learning from a recent randomized control trial about factors that may affect e-health and m-health use and health-related empowerment as well as our clinical implementation project (Breast & Bone Health program) that patients are sometimes unaware of important biopsychosocial oncology issues relevant to their particular cancer diagnosis and treatment (e.g., bone density assessment for select breast cancer treatments), so providing person-centered health information and support is vital to improving the psychosocial and physical health of patients affected by cancer.

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Cancer Care Team Functioning

As patient care in oncology becomes more complex, challenges of working effectively in teams are considerable. In this project, we aim to examine s...

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Oncology—Bolstering Oral Agent Reporting related to Distress (ON-BOARD) is a pilot randomized-controlled trial that aims to assess the feasib...

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Individuals' Experience with Remote Community-based Cancer Supportive Initiatives

Individuals with cancer and their informal caregivers are at higher risk of psychosocial distress related to their experience with cancer. Hope & Co...

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