Kamakshi Khosla, BA, DALF (Level C1)

Graduate Research Trainee

Kamakshi Khosla is affiliated with the University of Delhi (North Campus) where she is currently pursuing her final semester of graduate studies in Psychology. Her previous research projects center on the basic and applied themes of psycho-traumatology with an emphasis on its implications for various mental health outcomes. Her current research interest involves examining the interaction between the physical and psychological dimensions of health of cancer patients throughout the cancer trajectory. Specifically, Kamakshi is eager to explore the emotional footprints of chronic stress, and psycho-physiological coherence states in the initiation and metastasis of hormone-sensitive cancers. Her other interests include whole person care, intervention design and evaluation, and cancer patients’ survivorship and empowerment. Through her summer training at the LoiselleLab, Kamakshi hopes to gain hands-on psycho-oncology research skills and experience required to pursue her doctoral inquiry.

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