Fay Strohschein, PhD candidate

Doctoral Student

Fay Strohschein is a doctoral candidate at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University. In her dissertation project, she is exploring treatment decision-making from the perspective of older adults with colorectal cancer. Using a constructivist grounded theory approach, she has gained insight into the interactional, contextual, and systemic dynamics that shape these processes. Other domains of research interest include patterns of communication in acute cancer care and models of interprofessional collaboration. Fay’s research interests have grown out of her educational background (BSc Psychology, University of Alberta; MSc(A) Nursing, McGill), as well as her ongoing work as a Nursing Counsellor with the Oncology and Aging Program at the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal. Throughout her studies, she has held fellowships with the Québec Network for Research on Aging and the CIHR-funded Psychosocial Oncology Research Training Program. Her doctoral work has also been supported through a Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé Doctoral Training Award and an Oncology Nursing Foundation (USA) Research Grant.

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