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Timely psychosocial interventions are known to improve the lives of patients diagnosed with cancer, but the more traditional face-to-face ones are often impractical due to patients’ and health care system’s barriers such as limited financial and staff resources, patients’ symptoms such as treatment-related fatigue, pain, and scheduling conflicts. Our research team focuses on the development and testing of innovative web-based approaches that can overcome these barriers and readily provide support to patients throughout the cancer trajectory. We are learning from a recent randomized control trial about factors that may affect e-health and m-health use and health-related empowerment as well as our clinical implementation project (Breast & Bone Health program) that patients are sometimes unaware of important biopsychosocial oncology issues relevant to their particular cancer diagnosis and treatment (e.g., bone density assessment for select breast cancer treatments), so providing person-centered health information and support is vital to improving the psychosocial and physical health of patients affected by cancer.

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Breast & Bone Health

Some women with breast cancer are at higher risk for osteoporosis, bone fragility, and fracture due to the nature of the cancer treatment. Hope...

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Onco Persona

"Being known" by the health care team can significantly improve a patient's health care experience, health behavior, and health-related outcomes. “Being...

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Dr. Loiselle’s research lab has joined Dr. Jacques Simard’s research team at l’Université Laval to take part in an international multisite study funded by Génome Québec that see...

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Building on the PERSPECTIVE study, this study is funded by the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation and focuses on supporting ...

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Distress screening

The overall goal of this pilot study is to determine the implementation potential of a volunteer-based electronic distress screening and psychosocial su...

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Health-Related Empowerment

The goal of this exploratory study was to better understand how young adults living with advanced cancer strive to maintain a sense of control in the co...

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e-health application

This study begins to test a new online health community application called BELONG - designed as a platform to improve the overall patient experience wit...

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Carmen G. Loiselle
Principal Investigator
Jacqueline M. Vachon
Research Manager
Samar Attieh
Research Coordinator
Tina Chen
Research Assistant
Garnet Lau
Breast & Bone Health Program Manager
Tammy Son
Doctoral Student
Fay Strohschein
Doctoral Student
Saima Ahmed
Master's Student
Ariane Santerre-Theil
Master's Student
Katelyn Bouffard
Research Volunteer
Louisa Hou
Research Volunteer
Paul Khalifé
Research Volunteer
Vikki Van Ryswyk
Research Volunteer
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